Sackcloth and Ashes – Engage Our Children In Prayer

“…all Judah, with their little ones, their wives, and their children …were fasting, wearing sackcloth, and had put dust on their heads 2 …they stood and confessed their sins and the iniquities of their ancestors” 2 CHRONICLES 20:13, NEHEMIAH 9:1


The TRUE ALMIGHTY GOD (Thessalonians 1:9) commissioned me in 2021 to do Sackcloth and Ashes, in 2022, and a small band of faithful Saints joined me, on a piece of land permitted to us for about 7 hours prostrated, standing, bowing, crying out and declaring the utterances of YAH, Bless HIS Name, has they were given to us from the SPIRIT and the Bible. HE has put it on my heart to do it again on May 20, 2023. Also, last year, my commission from YAH, Bless HIS Name, for 2023 was to focus on the children and to engage them in prayer with the adults.

The attack, since 2020, has been mainly against the children’s stability. Praying with and for our children, I believe, will encourage and strengthen their prayer life at home, in school and socially. Children are our inheritance from YAH, Bless HIS Name, (Ps. 127)


Out of obedience to my FATHER, I gather people for sackcloth and ashes.

Sackcloth and ashes was associated with mourning, public expression of one mourning for the dead and humbling themselves or penitence for an act that provoked YAH, Bless HIS Name, to anger or for help from the enemy1,2 (Genesis 37:34, 1 Kings 21:27).

There are also others, in the Faith and nonbelievers who wear sackcloth. One person is Phillip Blair, called by YAH, Bless HIS Name, to dress in sackcloth and go to ten cities and tell them to repent (https://torchofchrist.com). Another group of people, who live in Table Mountain, South Africa (Sunday Times [South Africa]), wears sackcloth for their own spiritual reason.

Needless to say, that this expression has always moved the heart of YAH, Bless HIS Name, in days gone by, why would it not do the same today?

We need help and a response from YAH, Bless HIS Name, in the Name of YESHUA our MESSIAH.

Ninevah realized that they truly grieved the heart of YAH, Bless HIS Name, and repented by putting on sackcloth and ashes and the world, today, is grieving the heart of YAH but they don’t care.

"...everyone from the King to the poor put on sackcloth and ashes- they even dressed their livestock in sackcloth and ashes. Then GOD saw their works and  that they turned from their evil way: and GOD redeemed relented from the diseases that HE had said HE would bring upon them, and HE did not do it.." (Jonah 3:5-8, 10, Jeremiah 18:8).  

This expression of sackcloth and ashes, to some might be looked upon as being foolish, just like the tree YESHUA of Nazareth had to hang on for our sins but, Paul says that YAH, Bless HIS Name, uses the foolish things to confound the wise. (1 Corinthian 27).

This is what I say about sackcloth and ashes. It is a prophetic act. In my opinion, the garment, made of animal hair which is dark, scratchy and irritating the skin represents how sin feels. The ashes of the sacrificial offerings reminds me that we are living sacrafices and should be acceptable unto YAH, Bless HIS Name, (Ro 12:1)and dirt on ones head reminds me that the intellect of man is vain, meaningless and we need to renew our mind and have the mind of MESSIAH (Ro 12:2, 1 Cor 2:16) and also remember that we are dust/dirt. “For dust you are, and to dust you shall return.” (Gen. 3:19). The sackcloth has a purpose From a repentant and fasting perspective, It is not meant to be an attractive outfit to wear to make one look good or feel good nor is it to be worn for comfort, It is to remind us of the state of our a heart that misses the mark. In YESHUA our MESSIAH’s Name.


On this day, Saturday, 5/20/2023, I will gather, with others, dressed in the prophetic sackcloth and ashes on our faces, dirt on our heads and feel uncomfortable, renting our hearts, prostrating and bowing in repentance as we cry, weep, and moan and ask YAH to search us, cleanse us, tell us what we look like to HIM and deal with us First.

Then we will lift our voices to YAH, Bless HIS Name, to raise up HIS Standard of Righteousness in this land and the world and anticipate the heavens to shake and YAH, Bless HIS Name, to fill our mouths with HIS utterances, we read scriptures, and wail before YAH for the condition of the Body of MESSIAH/Church, the direction and holiness of the country, restoration of families, keeping the mind of children, righteous government (civil, federal, state), morals, neighborhoods, peace of Jerusalem and other nations under YAH’s, Bless HIS Name, Heaven. We also anticipate YAH, Bless HIS Name, to stretch out HIS Hand to do signs and wonders and bring souls to SALVATION (SALVATION, as we preach the Good News boldly . May YAH, Bless HIS Name, Be Gloried!! In the Name of YESHUA

YAH, Bless HIS Name, has already given man The Way to return to HIM (HIS SON YESHUA/JESUS). John 3:16, John 14:6. YESHUA has given us the power to be a witness through out the world. (Acts 1:8). YESHUA said, “I appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last.”(John 15:16). He who has an ear, let him hear what the SPIRIT says to the Assembly.

We do know that YAH, Bless HIS Name, since these few months have been ministering to the youth at Asbury, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and in other areas in the USA, that YAH has chosen to pour out HIS SPIRIT/RUACH during this time.

Some of us are saying why not here or there?

What are we willing to surrender in order for YAH, Bless HIS Name, to manifest HIS Glory on/in us? Come lay in the dirt and moan until something happens, If you need ashes, I have the ashes from the forestry department, burnt trees.

GODLY SORROW produces repentance which leads to SALVATION (2 Corinthians 7:10).  

From then on, YESHUA began to preach and to say, "Return to GOD, for The Kingdom of Heaven has come near." Matt 4:17

Come and bring your children, teens, young adults to participate because this is who YAH, Bless HIS Name, is really wooing and ministering to during this season.

Transportation: Public Bus, Subway, Street Parking (Meter Parking), Restrooms are located in the Native American Museum across from park.

*Hastings’ Dictionary of the Bible remake that hair cloth would be more appropriate redering of the Hebrew Meaning, Hastings, James (2004). A Dictionary of the Bible: Volume IV: (Part I: Pleroma – Shimon). The Minerva Group, Inc. p. 327. ISBN 9781410217288.