Triangle Park, Lot 201, 3rd Street and Independence and Maryland Avenues, SW, WDC 20560. (South of the American Indian Museum and West of the Capitol and Botanical Gardens)


I said “Here I am, (Hineni), send me and YAH has. I went, me and my family. I got to the park at about 8:45, dressed in sackcloth. I know I looked strange in the clothing, but we are in strange times. The people saw me but they did not listen to what was being said, so they walked quickly so they would not have to engage with me as I approached them, wanting to explain. We Started unloading. We set up by 11 am we finished setting up the heavy things and at 12, ready to pray and carry out the purpose of YAH on this land that HE had given me to possess that day Saturday, August 19, 2023, for HIS GLORY!


I begin with prayer and read scriptures from the Torah and Prophets with the 23rd Psalms playing in the background. As I begin to speak about the children, I could hear my son now playing the electric piano behind me and something happened. With the Bible in my hand, I begin to sing the words that I heard in the SPIRIT. Words about teaching the children the commandments, precepts, statues, and children are an inheritance from YAH. Sang about the GOOD NEWS eternal life.


My son begin to play the key board. Holding my Bible, YAH begin to give me words to sing from the Bible about our children and the Good News. As I was singing, under the anointing, the most amazing thing happened. A women with a white dress on, a mask in her hand along with a black umbrella came and stood by me. I continued to sing. When I looked she had her right hand raised to the heavens and eyes closed and did not move. I looked at my son, and he had an astonishing look on his face as he continued to play the keyboard. The music stopped and she went to stand in the shade. I brought her a chair as she still was worshipping. To my surprise it was Sister Grace from China. She came out to Pray for the Children. She said that she was drawn by the music to come and stand by me.



Grace – China who prayed for the chldren, the government, the church, the United States, the world and Jerusalem.

A woman from the Philippines – She was standing listening. Then I saw her sit on the bulging root of a tree. I noticed there was a man talking to her. at a distance. I found out later it was her husband