Speakers – 2014

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Rabbi BJ Harris

Come To Jerusalem Ministry

Rabbi BJ Harris is a Messianic Jewish Believer in Jesus. He was born in New York City and grew up in South Carolina. He began to write music in college and entered the folk music scene in New Orleans, New York, Chicago, and elsewhere in the early 1970s. He met his Messiah in 1978 through the efforts of Gentile believers who prayed for and witnessed to him gently, diligently, and sacrificially in spite of anger, rejection, ridicule, and discouragement.

BJ was co-founder and co-leader of Beth Shofar, Messianic Congregation in South Carolina. He later helped start an international Christian ministry to support Israel and educate Christians in their Scriptural relationship to Israel and the Jewish People. Rabbi BJ is also a Psalmist and a Worshiper, he has composed and produced a number of songs and travels to various Churches and Messianic Congregations ministering in song. One of his most popular songs is “Come To Jerusalem”. Rabbi Harris has a Prophetic Music Ministry and on Tuesday Ministers at the Charleston House of Prayer (CHOP), downtown Charleston. Rabbi BJ Harris travels to and from Israel as the ALMIGHTY calls HIM to go. He holds membership with the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA) where he attend Yeshiva classes in Hebraic/Judaic Studies.

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Pastor Scott Lee

New Covenant Church of GOD

Pastor Scott is a graduate of Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education. He and his wife Cindy, currently serve as the Campus Pastors at the Goose Creek Campus of New Covenant Church of God in Goose Creek, SC. He is also an Ordained Bishop with the Church of God in Cleveland, TN.

Pastor Scott was a High School Band Director for 11 years before pursuing full time ministry serving as a Worship Pastor and most recently as a Senior Pastor. He has over 30 years experience in both secular and church music, has served in churches of all sizes throughout the country, and has also played professionally in various venues throughout his music career. As a teacher and a pastor, he has also been an instructor for numerous classes and workshops on musicality, musicianship, and various aspects of worship and its role in both the personal and corporate setting.

Having been both Worship Pastor and Senior Pastor, he now brings a unique understanding of the role of music in the worship service and the vital relationship between pastors and worship leaders. His desire is to encourage and equip others with the ability to develop and enrich the worship experience of local churches.

Apostle Jerome Lee Myree

Kingdom Dominion International Ministries

Apostle Jerome Lee Myree is originally from Birmingham, Alabama. He is the founder of Kingdom Dominion International Ministries, Inc. in Charleston, South Carolina. He pastored Kingdom Dominion Worship & Training Center and is currently serving as an itinerant minister training, equipping, teaching and preaching the Kingdom of God. Apostle Jerome is ordained by International Fellowship of Christian Ministries (IFCM) under Bishop Dr. Larry Stutzman of Mt. Dora, Florida.

He has served as Minister of Music and Worship Leader for many years, establishing an atmosphere of worship to usher in the presence of God. He functions as a prophetic minstrel and psalmist tapping into the very Throne Room of God.

Apostle Jerome is a gifted apostolic/prophetic minister focusing on the supernatural ministry of Jesus with focus on the Word, Purpose & Destiny, Kingdom Worship and Apostolic & Prophetic Order.

Nailah Baker

Iglesia de la Ciudad

Nailah Baker, is a dancer from Montgomery County, Maryland; she currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida and attends Iglesia de la Ciudad (Church of the City). She was called to the dance ministry in 2008. She has done dances individually and has participated in various dance groups in the D.C. Metropolitan area. In 2008, she became involved in Messianic dance and has been doing liturgical dance since 2009. Her desire is to bring glory to God and bring in the glory of God through the ministry of dance and see salvation come to many.

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Keely Daniels

Pastor, MachseyYAH Messianic Congregation (Goose Creek, SC)

Chaplin, Trident Hospital (North Charleston, SC)

Keely Daniels (with the input of her church family) is the founding Pastor of MachseYAH (YAH My Refuge), a congregation of Jews and non-Jews who worship Messiah Yeshua/Jesus together in spirit and in truth. She holds a BS in Psychology/Crisis Counseling from Liberty University and is a Christian Life Coach; Keely is ordained through a non-denominational ministry called Sisters Building Sisters Worldwide Ministries.

Keely is happily married to her junior high sweetheart Ryan who has served almost 13 years in the US Navy. Together they have 4 beautiful children, 3 girls and 1 boy, which they recognize as their greatest blessings and ministry. Keely and her family are involved in monthly volunteer work at Eagle Harbor Boys Ranch in Summerville, SC and Keely is a volunteer Stephen’s Minister at Trident Hospital in North Charleston, SC each weekend.

Keely was lead to The Lord in 2005 after her life felt meaningless. Having been diagnosed with agoraphobia (a severe anxiety condition), PTSD, panic attacks, depression, and other related disorders, she felt purposeless. Raised Catholic, she grew up wholeheartedly believing in the miracle working power of God and would pray for her parents relationship to improve and for sick people that she knew to get healed. After feeling as though God was not hearing or her prayers she turned to Wicca to solve her personal problems and to help fill the void in her heart for answers. Almost a decade later she was mentally exhausted after being prescribed over 21 different medications yet getting worse. After a friend invited her to church for a baby shower and the women of the church afforded her immense grace and kindness, she agreed to come to service with her family.

Several months later, Ryan and Keely Daniels entered the Kingdom of God together as One, being born again on the same day in February 2005. In June 2005, as she was walking through the foyer of her church, Keely felt The Lord speak to her and tell her that He had called her into ministry. In 2009 Keely felt lead to follow Jesus/Yeshua the way his disciples would have. The Lord has grown her and lead her and her husband into the Messianic/Hebrew Roots movement. Currently they are transitioning into a new place in Suffolk, VA where they are waiting on direction from The Lord. MachseYAH will be taken over by Lori and Joel Morgan and Tom and Tracy Dillion of Summerville, SC if anyone would like to visit them in the future. Shalom!

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Lori Morgan

Lori is a Hebraic roots teacher who has spent the past five years discovering her Hebrew roots. Lori was born and raised in Charleston, SC and now lives in Summerville, SC on a small farm with her husband Joel and her son Xander. Their goal is to be able to raise enough produce and livestock to be self sufficient and able to feed those in need. Lori began her search for Yahs Word and wisdom in a small Pentecostal church in Goose Creek, SC where she was the youth leader. She started a program called Youth Explosion while there bringing Christian bands from around the Southeast to minister to teens.

In 2007 Lori began fasting and praying along with her friend for revelation knowledge. It was during this time that Yahweh began to reveal to her a deeper purpose for her life and a deeper meaning to His Word. She then began to study the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament) on the Pashat Remez Drash and Sod levels finding Yeshua our Messiah all through the writings of Moses. Lori has a passion for finding the hidden treasures in the Bible and teaching others how to apply them to their lives today.

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing and but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.   Proverbs 25:2




Christal Brown-Gibson

St John’s Chapel

Psalmist, Songwriter and Musician…these words describe the essence of the vessel that God birthed in September of 1971. Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Christal was used of the Lord at a very young age. Singing in a small Baptist Church on Johns Island, South Carolina, during her childhood was only the beginning of what God was developing in her.

Christal is presently a Doctoral Student at Grand Canyon University pursuing a Doctorates Degree in Education. She received her Master of Arts in Christian Studies (Emphasis on Youth Ministry) from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ (2011) and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Southern Wesleyan University (2009).

Christal Brown-Gibson has played the piano and sang at conferences and churches and has attended workshops on the west coast (California), midwest (Missouri), northeast (Washington, DC) and the southeast (North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi and Georgia). She also traveled to Europe, touring 14 days, ministering in song in Milan, Placenza, and Sicily, Italy. Christal is the Founder an 80-voice ecumenical community youth chorus in Charleston, SC and the owner of Gibson Academy of Music. She has composed a number of albums. The latest one being “Holiday Worship” (2013).

As a lover of The Lord, His people and His music, my professional ministry objective is to be a willing vessel and expose the world to GOD’s Music, the Sound of Worship from the Throne Room of Heaven; to exalt the Name of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS the CHRIST, through the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT ushering in the Glory of GOD to touch and change lives. A continuously-developing relationship with The LORD, daily prayer and being a student of the Bible are the foundations upon which this Psalmist builds her music ministry. Her heart-felt worship transcends genders, cultures and denominational barriers.

Christal’s song writing abilities and vocal abilities given to her by the ALMIGHTY GOD through JESUS CHRIST are the vehicles by which she share her life’s testimony of God’s grace and His goodness to others. She is always seeking opportunities in which to further expand the Kingdom of God.


Matthew Pridgen

St John’s Chapel

Since his failed drug-induced suicide attempt in 2005, Matthew Pridgen has been telling his story and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to help others find the same abundant life that he found, as described in John 10:10. With a heart of compassion for the lost, Matthew’s desire is to see all of creation reached with the gospel. The Bible clearly states that Jesus Christ is the only way to be reconciled to God the Father and that every promise has its Yes and Amen in him. Matthew’s desire then in speaking is that the cross be lifted higher so that the Lord Jesus would draw all men and women to himself unto salvation.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10


Pastor Darrin “Sparky” Brooks

As a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Darrin “Sparky” Brooks has been sharing with others his God-given musical talents for over 30 years. He has performed all over North America as a harmonica player, vocalist, and percussionist with numerous groups, playing varying genres of music such as Rock, Blues, Jazz, Symphonic, Theatre, Shag, Country, Bluegrass, African, and Irish.

Throughout his musical endeavors, Sparky has won numerous music competitions, which granted him Nashville exposure, and included TV and radio play. However, Sparky’s greatest accomplishment was in 2003 when his original composition entitled, “Distant Light,” played on the radio in Charleston South Carolina on 89.3 FM, a partner with National Public Radio (NPR).

Although his efforts as a professional musician did not grant him the success he sought after, Sparky began reevaluating his life, career, and purpose for his musical ability. It was in this stage of his career that he turned to God for an answer and, he got one. In fact, God reached out to Sparky, touched his heart in a mighty way, and told him: “I have a different plan for your life.”

From this point, Sparky then turned his attention to the ministry of Christian music. Moreover, for the first time in his musical career he felt a true spiritual fulfillment from within. This was the point in which he began his musical career as the Worship Pastor and Minister God called him to be.

Since then, Sparky has served as a Worship Pastor for various church congregations and worship settings throughout. Not only that, but Sparky realized that God also equipped him for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. In essence, God revealed His purpose for Sparky’s talents, and his life. That being said, Sparky followed what God had put on his heart, took a leap of faith, and enrolled as a graduate student at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (LBTS).

At LBTS, Sparky obtained the Masters of Arts in Religion (cognate; Pastoral Counseling), and is currently on course to receive the Masters of Divinity in Biblical Studies in December of 2015. Sparky also is currently the Pastor/Chaplain at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Charleston, SC, where for two years now has provided Sunday morning services to people of all ages, race, and religions, particular to those who come from all over the world to train in Law Enforcement.

In essence, Sparky gives all the glory to God for his life’s achievements. Not just because of the gifts He has given him, but more importantly, for showing to Sparky His love, patience, and kindness when he was broken. Sparky recognized that without God, he would have been lost forever.

Therefore, Sparky’s faith and praise toward the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and his Savior the Messiah, Jesus Christ, continues to grow stronger each day. Today, you will find Sparky sharing God’s message—the gospel of Jesus Christ—through his music, and preaching ministries, wherever God calls him to go.

“Lord, who will we go to? You have the words of eternal life”. John 6:68