Prayer – Prophecy – Healing – Testimony 2014

     “I will pour out MY RUACH(SPIRIT, BREATH) on all flesh; And your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams.  Your young men will see visions.”*

Brother Jerome, another speaker, and the Brazilian guitarist begin to flow in the SPIRIT, under the anointing, into prophetic words, guitar music and song, [HE (YAH) has put a new song in my mouth…even praise unto YAH, Psalms 40) and then prayer broke out! It did  

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not matter who was praying for whom, the Brazilians and Americans praying in their own language for one another. Healing and prophetic words came forth as the Brazilian and American sisters and brothers begin to pray together!!! Keely one of the speakers got healed from a terrible headache. Ms. Annie, who attended from Maryland, legs became like jelly and resisted falling after being prayed for by the Brazilian Pastor. We were free to move in the unity of the HOLY SPIRIT!!!

    “These signs will follow those who believe in MY NAME [YESHUA (JESUS)];” …they will lay thier hands on the sick, and they will be healed.”**


*Joel 2:28 (NAMSB), **Mark 16:18