Worship: Awakening WIND II 2017 Ministers

Carmen Carrion

Carmen Carrion loves to praise and worship the Lord. She has been dancing for the Lord since He introduced her to Messianic music in 2005. Carmen began dancing at home and then in the congregation and elsewhere. Along with dancing, she also worships the Lord in music. The Lord provides the lyrics, melody and sometimes the instruments.

Carmen’s desire is to enter the throne room of God through worship and take everyone around her with her.

Rabbi BJ Harris
Come To Jerusalem Ministry

Rabbi BJ Harris is a Messianic Jewish Believer in Jesus. He was born in New York City and grew up in South Carolina. He began to write music in college and entered the folk music scene in New Orleans, New York, Chicago, and elsewhere in the early 1970s. He met his Messiah in 1978 through the efforts of Gentile believers who prayed for and witnessed to him gently, diligently, and sacrificially in spite of anger, rejection, ridicule, and discouragement.

BJ was co-founder and co-leader of Beth Shofar, Messianic Congregation in South Carolina. He later helped start an international Christian ministry to support Israel and educate Christians in their Scriptural relationship to Israel and the Jewish People. Rabbi BJ is also a Psalmist and a Worshiper, he has composed and produced a number of songs and travels to various Churches and Messianic Congregations ministering in song. One of his most popular songs is “Come To Jerusalem”. Rabbi Harris has a Prophetic Music Ministry and on Tuesday Ministers at the Charleston House of Prayer (CHOP), downtown Charleston. Rabbi BJ travels to and from Israel as the ALMIGHTY calls HIM to go. He holds membership with the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA) where he attend Yeshiva classes in Hebraic/Judaic Studies.

Raquel Washington
Graduated Heidi Baker’s Harvest school of missions 24 last August and is furthering her education in missions at Indiana Wesleyan University, where she is working towards her bachelor degree in Global ministry. The Lord called her to be a missionary when she laid down her life at just 14 years old and is faithfully pursuing Him


Lech Lecha

I am Daniel Woodridge-Williams a guitarist, Dancer, Pianist,and  Psalmists. My sister Anna is the dancer and singer. We started singing together as little children, but the fullness of the gift did not come to fruition until 2009. 

I  ministered, with my sister, in Churches, outreaches and conferences. I play percussions and acoustic guitar. Although I like to sing, my sister is gifted in that area.  We have sang in Washington, DC, Ahavat YESHUA Messianic Jewish Congregation, Home Groups,: , . In Charleston, SC Daniel, Anna, and their mother ministered at the Evergreen Assistive Living Facility, St. John’s Holy Brunch for the homeless, Bridge Church, out door church the homeless, CHOP (Charleston House of Prayer), Beth Shiloh, Spartenberg, SC,Come to Jerusalem Ministry, and Ministered with Psalmist from IHOP (International House of Prayer), ministered at Praise and Worship Conference held in Charleston, SC and in Nashville. Our mother always had us serving and ministering at outreaches, whether she organized or someone else.

I have ministered alone at South Carolina Korean Methodist Church, N Charleston, SC, Holy Cross Episcopalian Church, Mt. Pleasant; Goose Creek Methodist Church and First Brazilian Assemblies of GOD, Goose Creek, SC First Baptist Church; Greenville, SC accompanying Rabbi BJ Harrion, on guitar, at Adon Olam, and Beth Shiloh, Ashville, SC.  Accompanied Gregory Silverman, of Greg Silverman Ministries, on the congos at Beth Shiloh, Ashville, SC.

Our mother’s desire for us when we were younger was that the ALMIGHTY would raise us up to sing and play music. For years, during Shabbat* service my mother prayed over Anna and me to walk in the ways of the ALMIGHTY and that the mantle of the “joy of music” be poured in them to minister before the FATHER. It happened in 2009. At that time, my mother, had realized that YAH had answered her prayer and given her a praise and worship team.  It happened one Friday evening, before Shabbat Service, (we had service at the community center where my mother worked). I was holding the guitar, sitting on the piano bench, and asked my mother if I could play the guitar during Shabbat Service. She looked at the guitar, at me and said yes. Anna sang, When we finished, she cried.  She did not know all those late nights that I was up on the internet, that I was learning to play the guitar.  When we moved to South Carolina, the anointing increased. Bless YAH’s Name. Presently, I am seeking to be an entrepreneur in the area of dancing.  I teach autistic children to dance at Grove located in Rockville, Md.

All those years of my mother praying over us and she has now seen the fruit of her prayer. You see what prayer and patience does. Glory to YAH!!!









Rev. Joseph Vazquez

Rev. Joseph Vazquez- Son of Jose and Margaret Vazquez of Puerto Rican descent, “Joe” is a 1st generation mainland-born American, from Brooklyn, NY. He was raised Catholic in a military household serving tours in Alaska, Kentucky, Germany, and Colorado. After living a colorful life as a young man Joe committed his life to Jesus in 1990 and began his journey upon Christ words “Come with me, and trust me.”

Brother Joe graduated from Charis Bible College in 1998 and began full-time ministry in Colorado Springs, CO. serving 17 years at the local rescue mission. He has served in the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions for 20 years, as a Pastor/Teacher, Programs Director, CEO, and Regional President. Developing partnerships of faith-based non-profits with community engagement, this encompasses his endeavors. Joe has served on local non-profit boards, community counsels, and pastoral groups. His desire is to enrich communities by bringing people together with common interest remain as the core of his service.

During Joe’s  most recent “Awakening” he has begun observing Shabbat and encourages others to understand the true message of Grace. Previously following mainstream observance (or lack of it), his greatest passion is to teach others “How great Yah’s love is for us”, as well as magnifying our worship to Father by serving others. Joe is currently serving at Salt Lake City Mission, a church rescue mission that provides for the needs of tens of thousands of the homeless and working poor in the Greater Salt Lake Region. He has one daughter “Rhema” who is the jewel of his life.


Brandon Peterson

Brother Brandon Peterson, is a member of El Shaddai Messianic Jewish Congregation, Frederick, Maryland.  Mr. Peterson is a former football player, teacher of Hebraic Roots of the Bible, and  an entrepreneur. Brandon teaches a home group along with Victor Kirven, in Gaithersburg, MD to a mix multitude of denominations and nations, on Sundays.  Opening the scriptures in a way that has enlightened the eyes of the understanding and brought spiritual revelation to church goers that they have never experienced.  Like Sid Roth, he and Victor have exposed this group to the divine presence of YAHWEH GOD like they have never encountered before. Brandon is also teaching them to be transformed by the renewing of their mind by looking at the scriptures from the eyes of the Hebrew not the intellectual thinking of the Greek when they are studying the Word of YAH.  He is encouraging them to walk in the power and authority that the MESSIAH, MASTER YESHUA (JESUS), speaks of in the Good News/Gospels, having the mind of MESSIAH/CHRIST and pointing them to what YEHOVAH, YESHUA, PAUL, PETER and the other apostles have said about being more like YESHUA our MESSIAH.   Brandon Peterson has a humble heart and truly loves YAHWEH GOD and when he teaches, this is displayed.  If Brandon even thought that he was in any kind of sin and even teaching about the ways of GOD, he will cry and repent at the drop of a hat if he thought that he is out of line or a person’s soul is at stake.  He and his wife and two children live in Gaithersburg, MD.