Attendees and Worship- Conference 2014


Praise YAH* both young and old men, women and children!!!

Brother Matt, one of the speakers, encouraged the attendees to speak what was on their hearts, he proclaimed the Good News and  joyous singing, and dancing erupted.  

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Sing unto YAH a new song!!!  Praise YAH  with the dance, praise HIM on string instruments!!! Praise YAH for the LAMB WHO was slain and Redeemed us to ElOHIM by HIS(LAMB) Blood!!!**

*Hallelu-YAH, in this Hebrew word you find the Divine Name YAH. YEHOVAH/YAHWEH.  Praise WHO  Was, and (s , and Is to come.  

**Psalms 149, 150 New American Standard Bible (NASB); Revelation 5,6, ARAMAIC ENGLISH NEW TESTAMENT (AENT)