Workshops 2015

Speaker, Rabbi BJ Harris – Worship: Kohen Gadol/High Priest

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In Hebrew, the High Priest are called Kohen Gadol and Preiests are called Kohen. Aharon/Aaron, brother of and spokesman for Moshe was the Priest and descendants.  They are appointed by to minister to YEHOVAH. Ex. 28: 40:13–16.  Speaker BJ Harris will open your eyes and enlighten you on Temple worship. He will take you on a journey back into time to the Temple worship from the wilderness to Jerusalem, giving you a glimpse of the duties of the High Priest, historical background, illustrations of priestly garments, the requirements for worship unto the ALMIGHTY and more.
Speaker, Carolyn Marshall – Worship: Doers of the Word, not a hearer only, James 1:20                                   
Worship, what does it have to do with James 1:20? Speaker Carolyn Marshall, will in engage in a dynamic, interactive discussion on worship from the perspective of the Believers lifestyle not from the musical aspect. She will discuss what it means to be “Doers of the word, not hearers only” and how this scripture, along with others, can help others examine themselves to see if they are growing spiritually in their daily thinking, acting, and speaking, putting-off the old ways and putting on the new manners which is essential to pleasing the ALMIGHTY. She will also talk about the HOLY SPIRIT”s role in helping to make these changes and bring the individual into a more worshipful life unto the ALMIGHTY. She will give her own personal experiences that has helped her to understand how applying this scripture to her life has enhanced her worship. Bring your questions and open minds. You will leave this workshop with a different view of the scripture James 1:20 and  examine yourself to see if you are living a life that worships the ALMIGHTY.  Discussion may change  
Speaker, Nonyelum Baker – Worship: “SPIRIT and in Truth”         
What does it mean to worship HIM in “SPIRIT and in Truth?” Was there going to be some new type of radical worship? Speaker Nonyelum Baker, will discuss moving from Temple Worship, incorporating information from speaker BJ Harris’ discussion, to “SPIRIT and in Truth” Worship. She will answer questions about worship in “SPIRIT and in Truth?” What is the difference between worship in the Temple and “SPIRIT and Truth?” What impact has it had on the Believer? What are the benefits? Why is every ones worship in SPIRIT and in Truth different? She will answer these questions and engage the individual in their form of worship in  “Spirit and Truth” allowing others to express their different experiences in worship. The participants will leave this workshop with new insight or additional information of worshipping in “SPIRIT and Truth” that they can share with others. 
Speakers, Craig Family – Worship: Thru Music               
This type of worship is well-known to all of us: the use of various types of instruments, clapping, songs, dancing, prophetic songs and more. Share with others the musical gifts that you have been given by the ALMIGHTY.  Bring your instrument,  song, a  dance,  rap, whatever talent you have and teach the group a song, dance or even have them listen to what has been given you from heaven. You become the leader of worship, encouraging others to worship with you to invite the HOLY SPIRIT to come into our midst and move among us to change and save as we build a throne for HIM  to take HIS place and inhabit the praises of HIS people.  
Davidic Dance Workshop – Facilitator, Elaine Craig

BMC E_dancers2Davidic Dance (archad – Hebrew for dance – to leap and skip with great jubilation) is a quick, lively and joyous way of praising, and giving thanksgiving to YAHWEH GOD. Davidic Dancing is sometimes modeled after the hoar, a circular Israeli folk dance. Other times it is the creative dance steps of Messianic Believers incorporating the hoar, jumps, leaps, twirls, claps and other movements. Davidic dance can be performed by all ages; males and females. (, Dance.html) .
Speaker, Iris Woodridge – Worship: Can a heathen worship the MOST HIGH GOD?   
For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves… Romans 2:14 What does this mean? What does the word worship mean as it relates to this scripture? Did these people worship the ALMIGHTY? Speaker Iris Woodridge will discuss this subject from her life experience that fit so well with this scripture. At the end of this  workshop  ask yourself the  question, what is my daily walk with the ALMIGHTY GOD like and what makes me different from a heathen?