This conference is for everyone (especially, anyone who desires to know the MESSIAH and those who know HIM). Those who feel that the HOLY SPIRIT is leading them into a deeper relationship with YAHWEH GOD through YEHSHUA (JESUS) and to know HIM in a more intimate way, we encourage you to come. Paul, an apostle of YEHSHUA (JESUS) the MESSIAH by the will of YAH says to the Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and to us:

     1 …I also…do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers
     2 …That YAHWEH, GOD of our LORD YEHSHUA (JESUS) the MESSIAH, the FATHER of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of HIM
    3 …know the love of the MESSIAH which passes knowledge
    4 …approve the things that are excellent …being filled with fruits of righteousness which are by YEHSHUA (JESUS) the MESSIAH
    5 …walk worthy, fully pleasing HIM, …and increasing in the knowledge of YAHWEH GOD. (Ephesians 1:15 ,16 ;3:19; Philippians 1:10, 11; Colossians 1:10)

Israel 2010 Western Wall
Israel 2010 Western Wall

Charleston, SC – Conference Highlights 

“…a time is coming when you will worship the FATHER neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. “But the hour is coming and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the FATHER in SPIRIT and Truth…” “GOD is SPIRIT, and those who worship HIM must worship in SPIRIT and Truth (John 4:23-24, NIV)”.

ALMIGHTY  GOD brought speakers together from various denominations to discuss “Praise and Worship”.  Each message built upon the others as the SPIRIT of YAH moved in the midst of HIS people.  This conference only adds to what has already been written about what “Praise and Worship” is and is not? 


Each speaker was dynamic, as your can see from the pictures.  They each brought a different perspective of worship from the life of a Christian, how we interact with one another, singing praise and worship in the congregation how the music should relate to what the sermon of the  pastor is,  the tempo during different times in the service, prophesying verbally and in song, the garments of the priests worn during ministering to the ALMIGHTY GOD, and the place where the worship was to take place, Jerusalem.

Solomon’s worship was discussed.  We know that he was the wisest king and built the 1st Temple I Kings 7-8 and the Glory filled the place and no one could stay in the temple. In Hebrew it is Sh’lomo which means peace.  Worshiping YAH brings peace (Philipians 4:7).  After he completed the Temple, where the people would now come to worship (I kings 8). As a part of worship, the people brought various types of offerings. One type was the peace offerings ( zebach sh’lamim) includes offerings of thanksgiving or gratitude for the bounties of YEHOVAH and mercies, free-will offerings and offerings made after fulfillment of a vow. All the other offerings include sin offerings, but there is none involved in the peace offering (Leviticus).  

Solomon’s name means peace in Hebrew.  He built a Temple in the place where YEHOVAH ALMIGHTY set HIS name for the worshipers to come to worship HIM (Deuteronomy 12:20-28).  The city that they would come to bring their sacrificial offerings and peace offerings was called Jerusalem, City of Peace (Isaiah 66:20). 

We can see that YEHOVAH has always desire to have Peace/Shalom with HIS children  and HIS children live in Shalom with one another, then and even now. (YEHOVAH gives strength to HIS people; YEHOVAH blesses HIS people with Shalom/Peace, Ps 29:1; I will listen to what YEHOVAH says; HE promises Shalom/Peace to HIS people, HIS faithful servants – but let them not turn to folly. Ps 85:8; 

YESHUAH has taken away our sins, now those who have faith in HIS Name, have only offer Peace/Shalom offerings to YEHOVAH.  It is written in Isaiah 53:5 ‘…the punishment that brought us Peace/Shalom was upon him (YESHUAH)…” YESHUAH died once to take away our sins  Hebrews 9:28, 10:12) and now we are justified through faith in HIM and have peace with GOD (Ro 5:1) now approaching YEHOVAH with our Peace/Shalom offering (zebach sh’lamim) which is the sacrafice of praise; the fruit of our lips that confess HIS name (Hebrew 13:15). 

YESHUA said this to the woman at the well, John 4:20-24, “Our fathers worshiped in this mountain, and you people say that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship.” Jesus said to her, “Woman, believe Me, an hour is coming when neither in this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father. Bulls and Goats we do not have to offer any longer (Hebrews 8). YESHUAH is our offering and through HIM we can worship( serve and prostrate) live a Holy and Righteous life before the FATHER anywhere in the Beauty of HIS Holiness,  we have  Shalom/Peace with YEHOVAH our GOD (2 Corinthian 13:11) and the enemy is under our feet because  YEHOVAH of Peace steps on the head of the enemy ( 2 Thessalonians 3:16; Roman 16:20).  


The “Praise Nights” consisted of Contemporary and Messianic Praise and Worship songs sung in English, Hebrew, Portuguese , and Spanish .  Each night of worship music had its on flavor.  The Messianic music on Friday night started the weekend off with great rejoicing inviting the King into the HIS Shabbat. On Saturday night the Brazilians sang, it was electrifying and filled with the ALMIGHTY’s  presence . It was awesome to see the different nationalities coming together ministering in song and prayer, even though some of us did not speak English or Portuguese. On Sunday night, the Spanish congregation brought the SPIRIT of serenity. It was a sweet, sweet, peaceful presence of the ALMIGHTY that entered into the place. Monday morning Brother Pridgen had everyone prostrate on the floor as he and Daniel led us  into the Throne Room of the FATHER the last day of the conference.

To see how the ALMIGHTY GOD, Bless HIS Name, orchestrated these days and  nights. There was so much unity in the SPIRIT that healing, relationships were developing, prophetic words came forth, repentance and deliverance.

Prophetic Word of Next Conference

The first and second nights of the conference the HOLY SPIRIT moved.  On both nights the SPIRIT of Prophesy moved in the place.  It was prophesied, about businesses prospering, elevation in the spirit, people receiving more impartation of the SPIRIT to take people deeper into the Thrown Room and I was going to do another conference (both nights) and to prepare.  The third time and last day of the conference, while prostrate on the floor, the HOLY SPIRIT told me to go to Nashville and have a conference.  About two seconds later, HE gave the state, Tennessee ( I did not realize that there were other cities named Nashville).  The week after the conference (January 2014), I was using the internet in the apartment clubhouse where I lived, I had not given any more thought to Nashville, TN or a conference, the TV was on but I was not watching it.  My ear caught the speech of a student who was introducing President Obama, who was visiting his school, I looked  across the room at the TV on the wall, as I did, he stated the name and location of the school.  Can you guess where it was? You guessed right! Nashville, TN.  The Word confirmed.  It was confirmed many times after that as I prepared for the conference.  I knew at that time YEHOVAH was serious about this Word ” Worship”.  HE wanted it to be herald through out the land! 

These are the Two Scriptures  that YAH, Bless HIS Name, has given me for the conferences,    “ For as the earth brings forth its bud, as the garden causes the things that are sown in it to spring forth, so the LORD GOD will cause righteousness and praises to spring forth before all the nations.” Isaiah 61:11.

Your prayers will be greatly appreciated as “I enlarge the place of my tent, and stretch out my curtains of my dwellings and not spare: as I lengthen my cords, and strengthen my stakes so that I will expand to the right and to the left” (Is. 54: 2,3) to do the work that the ALMIGHTY GOD, Bless HIS Name, has commissioned me to do.


Pray About Attending!
Dynamic, Interactive, Teaching Workshops (bring your instruments),
Dancing, Children’s Ministry, Food, and Fellowship

Friday, 12:00 Noon – 11:00 PM
Prayer – 2 Workshops – Welcoming Dinner

All Day Saturday and Sunday, 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
4 Teaching Workshops – Lunch and Dinner Each Day

Monday Closing 7:00 AM – 2:00PM
Prayer – 2 Workshops – Closing Lunch

Every evening at 7:30 pm the doors are open for free admission for Corporate Praise and Worship
Saturday Night: First Brazilian Assemblies of GOD, Goose Creek, SC, Ministering Praise and Worship
Sunday Night: New Vision Baptist Church, Goose Creek, SC, Ministering Praise and Worship


“I will be that I will be” ( YEHOVAH)