The Organizer



2014 Tent Revival, Charleston, SC
2014 Tent Revival, Charleston, SC

 The ORGANIZER is truly the SPIRIT of YAH.  I, Iris, am just the vessel that HE filled with HIMSELF on Israel’s 50 Year Jubilee, May 1998. I give HIM all the Glory!!! I am a hand/maid, servant of YAH, a willing vessel, wanting to be used by the ALMIGHTY for HIS Glory!!!  I am a Disciple of YAH who LOVEs to receive revelation from sitting at the feet of my  FATHER and YESHUA/JESUS. I want to be as my teacher YESHUA the MESSIAH.

 I attend  Ahavat YESHUA and Mishkan Shofar Messianic Jewish Congregations in the Washington Metropolitan Area. In obedience to HIS Word, I keep “The LORD’s Feast”, mentioned in Leviticus 23. Why? Because YEHOVAH commands us to.  I have come before HIM waiving leafy branches and rejoicing for what HE has done for me for the past 18 years, on HIS Feast Days with, a right heart, and HE has elevated me in the spirit and showered me with Spiritual Blessings.   I do not pick and choose which commandments I want to obey,  but the ones YEHOVAH has instructed me to obey through YESHUA HIS SON.  I  fellowship with  my Brothers and Sisters in the Body of MESSIAH that are apart of other Branches of Zion who are from all nations, tribes, and tongues.

Hineni! Here I am

Prayer Meeting, Sukkot, 2013, Park on Meeting Street, near the Four Corners of Law, Charleston, SC

Hineni! Hebrew for “Here I am”.  This has been my answer when YEHOVAH calls me to do HIS work.  Like Samuel, I say, “Speak, for your servant is listening” following Eli’s instructions on how he should response when YEHOVAH called him (I Samuel 3:9, 10), and  send me, Isaiahs response to YAH when HE asked, “Whom shall I send, and  Who shall go for ME (Isaiah 6:8).” My greatest desire is to be sent, to bear fruit (this is the Glory of the FATHER)  that last (John 15:8,16), and point people to SALVATION/YESHUA through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT,  whenever an opportunity arises. Paul says it like this,

18 …with all prayer and requests, praying at all times in the Spirit, and being watchful to this end in all perseverance… 19 …that utterance may be given to me in opening my mouth, to make known with boldness the mystery of the Good News, … that in it I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak. Eph 6:18-20 (NHEB).

YEHVOAH wants people truly saved, living a life style of Righteousness and Holiness and walking in Love unto HIS Glory  through HIS SON YESHUA the MESSIAH.  I am HIS eyes, hands, feet and mouth.  I am an ambassador for the FATHER (Ephesians 6) and my life must reflect it. The trials have come and won’t stop, the  examining myself to see if I am in the faith will continue in the MESSIAH’s Name.  Confessing and repenting is necessary to have a relationship with the FATHER and HIS SON, so I do it often.   I am allowing the HOLY SPIRIT to convict me of my sins when I stumble;  when I think that I am walking right throughout the day and have not!  I am asking the HOLY SPIRIT to cleanse  and purge me daily; regeneration.   I am glad we have Check and Balances.  The HOLY SPIRIT Check us so that we can become Balanced again.  I try to take spend time to be refilled after doing the work HE  gives me to do.   and Bless the SPIRIT of YESHUA because HE refills me and refresh me continuously when I  need it.  Being baptized is a  process that does not stop (Check out Acts 4, read it all).  It is necessary for our minds to be transformed, so I ask YESHUA to do this.  I need the mind of our MESSIAH.  With the mind of YESHUA the MESSIAH, I am able to walk worthy and pleasing ( Colossians 1) before YEHOVAH  until the day of redemption.  Every trial I encounter is another step in my spiritual growth.  I am grateful for the test.  Through them I have seen the Faithfulness of YEHOVAH and the promises of the MESSIAH being fulfilled in my life.  Bless you  and Thank YOU EVERLASTING FATHER  and YESHUA my REDEEMER for considering me.