Invitation to Participate

The  Called and Chosen 

The called and chosen ones who hear the Message to do this Kingdom work could byou  regardless of denomination.  We need singers, dancers, teachers, etc. from every nation, tribe, and tongue.

Sharing the Good News
Sharing the Good News- Giving Away Their Children’s Book – Salt Lake City, Utah

They hear and obey the “Call” and go forth ( steadfast) to

proclaim the Message from YAH to the Body of MESSIAH /CHRIST  

encourage them to obey the ALMIGHTY of Israel  and go into the highways, byways (the world)( ‎Luke 14:23 NIV) desolate cities , (Isaiah 61:4 NIV),”  to those who are sitting in darkness (nonbelievers as well as those believers that are/or in a back slidden state) and declare, in the power of the Holy Spirit, “Return to YAH (Repent) and Receive YESHUA/JESUS, be baptized with water and be Born Again by the SPIRIT of YAH (John 3:3-8)”   







As we go, we Possess the Land, in the Name of YESHUA our MESSIAH

As the Saints go, they do not go in their on strength nor without being sent with directions from YAHWEH . “I do nothing on my own authority, I came not of my own accord, but HE (YAHWEH) WHO sent me” (John 8:28,42, NIV). All is done for the Glory of YAH in the Name of YESHUA (JESUS)!




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