Worship YAH* !!! is the name of this website. In 2014, the ALMIGHTY commissioned me to have a Praise and Worship conference  in Charleston, SC. I decided I would advertise this conference.  While speaking with the owner of a Christian advertising company, He said that I would need a website.  I said  “Oh! I do not know anything about websites.  I am not computer savvy.”  While we talking about the website The SPIRIT of YAHWEH, said, ” Ask Matthew,” ( I had just met Mat about five months earlier at a Sunday Church service, he is an awesome worshipper).  After hearing  this I was contemplating the name “HalleluYAH Y’all ” for the website.  I called Matt later and I told him that the ALMIGHTY said to ask him about a website. Matthew said that he would prayed. (Little did I know that Mat knew how to design websites but YAH new that I would need help).  He called me later that week and offered me the website with the name “Worship YAH”.

The name is a prophetic word.  It speaks volumes.  What it says, YAH means, Worship HIM and HIM alone!!! (Luke 4:8) It also speaks to the messages of these conferences  and concerts that are  YAH inspired. Through this ministry, YAH is bringing HIS Message, whatever it is, for that time, throughout the land to whomever HE calls to come and listen.  

These conferences are interactive, participatory, and informative, workshops and teachings of the “Voice of the ALMIGHTY (What HE is Speaking at that time)” from a Hebraic Biblical Perspective. They are facilitated by SPIRIT-filled Brothers and Sisters in the Body, who, through prayer, are selected by the HOLY SPIRIT. “I do nothing on my own authority, I came not of my own accord, but HE (YAHWEH) WHO sent me.” (John 8:28,42).  

The Message, in these meetings, through the power of the SPIRIT of YAH/HOLY SPIRIT, bring life, self-examination, conviction, edification, and a deeper revelation knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures as it applies to Believer’s (Christian’s ) relationship with YAHWEH and with others.  These conferences are not just for the Believers (Christians), but for any one that is drawn by the SPIRIT of YAH to come.  

These gatherings are intimate.  There is Breaking Bread (Luke 22:19) and fellowship with a food that allows for the Brothers and Sisters, attending, to build relationships with one another.  Without a celebration of Rejoicing and Singing to the ALMIGHTY a conference would not be complete. There are evenings of Worship under the anointing of gifted minstrels/musicians bringing the presence of the ALMIGHTY into the place that brings healing and deliverance.

YAH wants us to have more deeper and deeper, intimate walk with HIM, keeping HIS ways. “Now, then, my son Blessed are those who keep my ways. Blessed is the man who listens to me… (Proverb 8:32, 34). 

The Message of late has been “Worship”.  A call to bring the Believer back to Righteousness and Holiness.  

As we “Go”, our small group of believers, what ever state and city the ALMIGHTY sends us to,  we do not forget to herald the Message of the Good News, Repent and be Saved to those who are sitting in darkness (nonbelievers as well as those believers that are straddling the fence/luke warm) who the MASTER tells us to speak to outside the conference room or inside the room. 

The Message is simple. They point to the Love of the FATHER for HIS children.  He wants us to live a life pleasing to HIM in all righteous and holiness.

Apostle Paul says this:

1 …I also…do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers
2 …That YAHWEH, GOD of our LORD YEHSHUA (JESUS) the MESSIAH, the FATHER of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of HIM
3 …know the love of the MESSIAH which passes knowledge
4 …approve the things that are excellent …being filled with fruits of righteousness which are by YEHSHUA (JESUS) the MESSIAH
5 …walk worthy, fully pleasing HIM, …and increasing in the knowledge of YAHWEH GOD. (Ephesians 1:15 ,16 ;3:19; Philippians 1:10, 11; Colossians 1:10)

*I use the different Names of GOD.  YAHWEH, YAH, YESHUA, ELOHIM, EL SHADDAI, EL ELYON


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